Experience Authentic Areas in Africa Shown in the Black Panther Comics and Movie Believed to be Wakanda

Land Air (TBD) 5 Nights/6 Days 1+ People Tour ID: WAKANDA


We’ve created a series of tours so we can bring Comic-Con Culture & African Culture together to educate people on what Africa has to offer as a travel destination.  Currently, U.S. Departures
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For those in the United States, If you choose to book air with us, departures will be scheduled from Atlanta, Washington D.C. & New York airports. For all other countries or locations, air can be added as needed for an additional cost.
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Many people think this a gimick, it is NOT.  We are serious about it. Without realizing it, Jason Barby of Geography Now on Youtube,  did exactly what we did to determine areas that could be Wakanda. He explained it so well.  So when the other travel companies or groups start marketing Wakanda tours, please remember where it started.  **Wakanda concept is part of the Black Panther Comic series created by Marvel Comics. We own no rights to the name.***
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